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Designing Your Custom Poke'rarium

1: Choose your Pokemon! Or any figure from any fandom!

I have hundreds of Pokemon figures on hand, and the internet is endless! Any figure can be used as long as it fits! Got a figure you already own? I can use that too!

2: Choose your size!

With three different size Poke'rariums, and so many different figures, make sure yours fits in the size you choose! Don't like these options? I've used many different kinds of displays, check out step 2.5!

3in Poke'rarium examples
Can hold 1 or 2 small figures up to 1.5in

4in Poke'rarium examples, LEDs optional
Can hold a couple figures up to 2.5in

6in Poke'rarium examples, LEDs optional
Can hold several figures up to 3.5in

2.5: Want to choose a unique display?

Don't want a Pokeball type display? Here's some examples of displays I've built in before! Have an idea for a unique display you'd like me to build in? Let me know!