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Happy New Year Pokemon Trainers!

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Thank you to to each trainer who has adopted a Poke'rarium in 2023!!

It's now 2024 and it's time for some new stuff! Not only will I have more inventory in the shop, but I'm going to be adding some really unique builds!! I'm using lanterns and bird houses, book nooks and plant displays! Anything I can create a world inside of! I'm so excited to show them to everyone! (ok maybe not this one cuz I REALLY want to keep it...) I won't, buut as a Pokemon Professor I cannot keep them all! Custom orders are open! Check out the Gallery for an updated 'how to design your own Poke'rarium' section!

Check out my sweet videos on TikTok for a close look at how they're made and what I do! Once I get enough followers I'll be going live with almost all builds!!

Do you live in Western New York? Join me January 28th, 12-5, at the Pallet Town PokeStop at 6041 Transit in Depew! They're having a whole event and I'll have a table! Poke'rariums will be available, and I will be taking custom orders!

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