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Pokemon Pokeball Terrariums

Welcome to the Pandanimity website!

     I always recommend people checking out my gallery first! Poke'rariums are my specialty! My current main focus is on Pokemon Pokeball Terrariums, or Poke'rariums as I call them. They're clear acrylic balls, filled with little magical worlds. I have done other styles before, and am very willing to experiment with new items.

     Poke'rariums are 3in, 4in and 6in acrylic balls, light in weight, and highly customizable.  Desert, open field, deep forest, snowy landscape? I've done ones with writing, ones with specific props, even made one to be opened, and fit a wedding ring inside! Don't be afraid to ask a question! The 6in size is while supplies last as they no longer make the acrylic balls in that size, and I have limited quantity.

     Feel free to look around the site! Leave feedback! Like and share away! I'm also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and of course you can find my shop at 

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