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Poke'rarium's: Quality over Quantity

I've been working on a couple things to bring a higher quality and better look to the Poke'rariums. First is better buttons, made with craft foam instead of vinyl, they give the button a 3D look and feel that is more realistic. Vinyl buttons will still be available if requested. Next is more realistic water, I've been trying to find an inexpensive, efficient and quality product, without raising the cost of the Poke'rariums. Last is the stand, finding ball stands that don't cost a fortune was difficult for a while. I have finally found a product that I like, and actually cost less than the previous versions.

The new buttons and stands are live and currently going out with every ball. I believe I have found a product for a new style of water, and am currently still testing.

Umbreon Ditto Pokerarium Pokemon Pokeball Terrarium
Example of new Button

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