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Taking a closer look!

So to those who don't know, I'm always trying to better the quality of my Poke'rariums. That means trying new things, and experimenting with new ideas and methods. In those pictured below you can see a couple different ways I tried to make realistic water. At this time I don't know which I like better!

The pictures never due them justice let's start there. The Froakie in the floating teacup is absolutely adorable with its little waves and darker blue water. The Pikachu shines with a light blue bottom and crystal clear water. The Pichu is a bright baby blue with clear rushing water. The Shiny Umbreon has a shallower pond with clear water that let's you see the rocks at the bottom.

All of those shown are of the smaller 3in size Poke'rarium, with smaller figures. The shiny Umbreon was also fully hand painted! With touch ups on the rest.

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