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Pandanimity Spring 2020 update

Well 2020 has definitely been a unique year so far. I was ready to go to my first Comic Con this month, and well, we all know how that turned out. I'm lucky to still have my "day job" I call it, as I'm considered essential.

I want to take Pandanimity to the next level! I have a new computer, some new tools, and a lot more time to work on Pandanimity more efficiently now! I plan to continue to increase quality and diversity in my Poke'rariums, as well as adding additional inventory. Not only am I making more Poke'rariums, but I also plan to make all new items to be available in the shop soon! Some such items will be; stickers, pins, charms, artwork and other decorative Pokemon items! I also want to try new Poke'rarium ideas and styles, and have some specialty Poke'rariums available. I do eventually still plan to start adding terrariums for other fan bases. I would love feedback on custom ideas and any and all suggestions!

Below are some pictures of some of my most recent batches of custom orders, as well as recent inventory added to the shop.

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